Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nomadic Matt's Travel Site: I’m Going on Vacation (And Other Important News and Updates)!

Nomadic Matt's Travel Site: I’m Going on Vacation (And Other Important News and Updates)!

I’m Going on Vacation (And Other Important News and Updates)!

Posted: 25 Jun 2013 08:51 AM PDT

vacation timeFor the past month, I’ve been trying to play catch up and I’ve failed at doing so, in part because I was enjoying finally being home in NYC and in part because I had friends from Sweden visiting for two weeks. Now that they are gone and I look at all the projects and stories I want to write, I feel stressed out. I’m excited to finally get a lot done and launch a few amazing projects that will help you travel better and save money.

But at the same time, I’ve been slammed since I launched my book back in February and need to recharge my batteries and gain focus again.

So, I decided to do what I did last year when faced with this situation – I’m going on vacation. From now until July 7th, there will be no updates on this blog. I’m going to take a break and catch up on life, writing, and everything in between.

I’ll still be releasing my weekly newsletter as well as updating Facebook and Twitter but there will be no new articles on the site.

But before I sign off for two weeks, I want to update you on two things:

1. You know what I love? Saving money. I bet you do too. That’s why you are going to love this annoucement. Starting right now, everyone can get 10% off  of G Adventure tours. I used to offer this discount only for select giveaways but now this coupon is open to everyone, all the time. This is completely exclusive to you guys, too – no one else anywhere has a high discount like this with this company. It will save you HUNDREDS of dollars off their tours.

Use the code “nomadicmatt2013” when you book your tour. It is valid for bookings made before December 31st, 2013. (Yes, it will be updated next year too.)

2. As a reminder, on July 1st, Google will be shutting down Google Reader. That means you’ll no longer have easy access to all the great travel tips and stories featured on this blog  – but here are two easy things you can do so you don't miss any posts:

(You can use Feedly, which is an awesome free site.)


  • Join 35,000 other people on my weekly email newsletter, where you can get my posts, awesome tips not found on this blog, exclusive discounts, and money saving travel deals I find each week.

And, if you sign up below, I'll even send you the first chapter of my book for free!

Sign up here: http://www.nomadicmatt.com/newsletter/first-chapter/

Finally, before I go, I want to let you know what is in store when I come back from vacation:

  1. A big giveaway of train passes to Europe worth over $6,000 USD!
  2. A budgeting travel app for your phone.
  3. A new book – I’m finishing a how-to guide on travel hacking!
  4. A major, major update to my book on teaching English overseas!
  5. A ton of articles on but not limited to: how to spend your time in Madrid, what to do when you only have a few days in a city, tips for traveling to Las Vegas, how to deal with family/friends who don’t support your trip, more reader stories, and a budget guide to Bermuda.

There is a lot of great stuff coming down the pipeline and rather than just publish for the sake of publishing, I’m going to take my time, relax, and make sure what I give is amazing.

Plus, since I spend my entire life telling everyone to go travel, take a break, and relax, I might as well do it too!

Which is why I’m heading to Bermuda for the next 5 days. (I’ve never been, so any tips are welcome!)



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