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Japan Visitor Newsletter For May 2013 Confucio

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Japan Visitor Newsletter
Dear Confucio

Welcome to our May newsletter!

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What's New

Living in Japan - renting a car in Japan - hiring a vehicle in Japan is an economical affair.

Japan Travel - Visit Sakae in Nagoya, the city's brash entertainment and shopping district.

Japanese Nature - Siberian chipmunks sleep for 6 months a year!

Books - Nutritious Origami fold your way to healthy eating for kids.

Museums - The Nogata Memorial Hall of Coal - is dedicated to the history of mining in Kitakyushu.

Korea - Korea Glossary - for a list of useful Korean words and phrases.

Kansai - Mt Koya is an excellent highland retreat to recharge your spiritual batteries..

Temples & Shrines of Japan

Visit our pages on the temples and shrines of Japan.

Manpukuji Temple - was founded by a Chinese master and is located in Uji, outside Kyoto.

Toyokawa Inari Tokyo - dedicated to Inari and with many statues of his messanger, the fox.

Nanzenji Temple - a must-see Kyoto Zen temple.

Honnoji Temple - in Kyoto is where Oda Nobunaga met his end.


If you like our guide to Japan please have a look at our sister guides:
Qatar guide, Portugal & The Azores guide, Iran guide and China guide we also cover Great Britain too.


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That's all for now. Thank for your continued support of JapanVisitor - it is really appreciated. We look forward to sending you our next newsletter at the end of next month, but until then - jaa ne!


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