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Top Tips for a Great Holiday in Pollensa: Travel Blog plus 1 more

Top Tips for a Great Holiday in Pollensa: Travel Blog plus 1 more

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Top Tips for a Great Holiday in Pollensa

Posted: 14 Apr 2013 06:09 PM PDT

If you want to spend an upcoming holiday in Pollensa villa but are concerned that the area might be too commercial for your tastes, there are plenty of ways that adventurous travellers can escape the tourist traps and have an authentic experience in that destination. Following are just a few ways that you can visit the real Pollensa rather than the one that you see on glossy travel brochures.

Visit the Town Square During the Evening 

An excellent place for people watching, this is where the locals go to meet with neighbours, have a drink or simply enjoy the evening. The square also features a weekly outdoor market every Wednesday. In bad weather, visitors to the square can take advantage of one of the numerous bars or restaurants in the area. 

Go to the Outdoor Market that the Locals Patronize 

Many of the markets in Pollensa are geared toward tourists, but the one that is held every Sunday in the old town district is where the locals go for fresh produce, clothing and other household needs. Several good cafes are also found in the vicinity. 

Take a Day Trip to Formentor 

Even if you don’t have a rental car, you can easily visit Formentor by bus. Because of the steep hills and winding curves of the road leading to this secluded cove, you will probably be better off leaving the driving to a professional and taking the bus. This is a quiet area with an abundance of natural beauty that nonetheless is not frequently by crowds of tourists. When you are ready to return to your Pollensa villa, you have the option of returning by boat. 

Watch the Sun Set While Taking the Pine Walk 

Pine trees aren’t normally associated with beaches, but pine trees grow in abundance along the shores of Pollensa. The two mile Pine Walk is one of the most tranquil and enchanting experiences that the region has to offer. Those enjoying the walk can stop at various hotels for drinks on the veranda to prolong and enhance the experience. This walk is also enjoyable for those who like to watch the sun as it’s rising over the sea. 

Like most popular tourist destinations, it is possible to experience the authentic ambiance of Pollensa by stepping back from the crowds a bit. To get the most from a holiday in a Pollensa villa, take the time to discover the places where the locals go and spend time there rather than in areas and establishments meant to capture the mass tourist trade. 

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