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Leaving the Correct Things at Home Can Make or Break a Vacation: itravelnet.com Travel Blog plus 2 more

Leaving the Correct Things at Home Can Make or Break a Vacation: itravelnet.com Travel Blog plus 2 more

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Leaving the Correct Things at Home Can Make or Break a Vacation

Posted: 08 Apr 2013 06:58 PM PDT

Going on vacation is great and lots of fun. Some things need to be left behind when you start out the door. Regardless of why you think you need them, while away from home it is usually a mistake to take them with you on vacation.

Take the First Step Before Your Travel Starts
If you are traveling to another country, the smartest thing you can do before setting one foot out the door is to set up an account with STEP. This is the Smart Traveler Enrollment program, which is sponsored and operated by the United States State Department. Enrolling in this program could save your life if you get into trouble when traveling abroad.

Travel Itinerary and Copies of Travel Documents
Make sure you leave photocopied images of your passport, including the pages with your approved travel visas that are relevant to your trip, with a good friend or family member. You should also leave a copy of your travel itinerary. It should be as complete as possible.

Valuables – Real or Imagined
Never bring expensive jewelry with you on a trip. The nicer an item appears to be the more it is a magnet for thieves, pick-pockets and muggers. This goes for fake, but expensive looking costume jewelry accessories too. If you have lost your valuables while travelling abroad, not even your travel insurance policy could help you recover those items. But for other things such as your health or other bodily injuries or illnesses you incur during your trip, your travel insurance policy may cover your unexpected medical expenses. Be sure to go online to compare travel health insurance quotes to save time and money from multiple insurance providers.

Laptop – Game Players – Expensive Cameras
These are good examples of things to leave at home. If you want to spend all day in front of a computer or game monitor, why spend the money to go on vacation. More importantly is that, as you travel, these things weigh you down. They actually get heavier as you walk from one end of an airport terminal to the other end of a second terminal. Traveling light is the best way to enjoy your vacation. It is also the best way to travel safely. Traveling light is traveling smart and ready to adjust to any situation.

The smart phones of today are necessary to bring, only because they can help you keep in touch with friends and relatives back home. These modern wonders also take excellent photography and can provide you a connection to the internet, with which to send photos back home. Other than short daily updates and posting pictures online, most of us do not need to bring expensive cameras and equipment.

Drugs of the Illegal Nature
If you have medicine prescribed by a licensed doctor, make sure you bring enough for 50% more days away from home than planned. That will almost always ensure you do not run out until you get back home.

Any other drugs or so-called medications that you may use from time to time should never be taken with you. Absolutely do not bring them with you on vacation because, in some countries, having them with you can ruin your life. In many countries, outside the United States and Europe, being caught with illegal drugs is punishable in the most severe ways.

Your Provincial Inhibitions and Biases
When you travel to foreign countries, remember that you are a visitor and a guest in that country. As long as your important personal morals are not threatened, be open to new things, new places, new foods and new ways of doing everyday things in life. Remember, you represent your country, like it or not, when you are traveling abroad. Think about what you say and how you say it, in the context of someone judging your country from abroad.

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Cala d’Or: Things to do & see

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 11:21 PM PDT

If you’ve never been to Cala d’Or, that little piece of land on the edge of Majorca, then you’re missing out on one of the best-kept secrets in the Mediterranean. Gorgeous and relaxing, it’s one of the few remaining gems in a busy, overcrowded series of islands. 

Honestly, I’m tempted not to say anything about this place, because I’d like to preserve the peace and semi-obscurity of the area. But sharing is caring, as they say, and I think we could all do with a bit of leisure after the last few years. So here are a few places worth checking out during your next trip to Cala d’Or. 


The Town Centre 

The heart of Cala d’Or, the town centre is where you’ll find everything from bars to fashion boutiques to go-cart racing. Don’t forget to stop by a local restaurant and try some paella valenciana, a Spanish favourite! 

The Villas 

Once you’ve had your fill of the town, retreat to the countryside and the amazing villas in Cala d’Or with pools. With clean roads, gentle breezes and quaint collections of white Spanish houses dotting blue skies, villas in Cala d’Or offers some of the most beautiful sights on the coast. 

The Marina 

Able to dock more than 500 ships, the marina is not only an impressive sight, but a local hangout for everyone from fisherman to street musicians. It’s a great place for friendly conversation and people-watching. 

The Water 

If you aren’t afraid of getting a little wet, hop on one of those ships you were so admiring and enjoy a trip at sea. One of the most famous attractions of Cala d’Or is their glass-bottomed boats, allowing travellers to watch fish and even the occasional (peaceful!) shark to swim along with them. 

The Caves of Drach 

Just a short trip from the towns and villas in Cala d’Or, the Caves of Drach, or the “Dragon Caves,” are an eerie journey into the heart of darkness. Don’t worry about your fear, though: Once you find the 1150m underground lake, it’s all worth it. 

The Fiesta of la Mare de Déu del Mar 

Literally “The Celebration of Our Lady of the Sea,” this fiesta is one of the highlights of a Cala d’Or summer. Drink, dance and enjoy everything from outdoor concerts to sports competitions on the water as everyone comes together for a good time. 

These are just a few of the major attractions of Cala d’Or. You’ll find plenty more to see and experience if you’re willing to give up the “big islands” and try somewhere new. You won’t regret it, I promise!

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How To Plan Your Dream Vacation And Not Go Broke!

Posted: 03 Apr 2013 06:46 PM PDT

How To Save Money On Hotel Rooms
Booking a hotel that has its rates jacked up for holidays, convention dates and high-cost weekend rates can be avoided with a little smart travel planning. Comparing quotes on travel health insurance online using a comparison website could help you save time and money as well. In addition, try a few of these alternative travel choices to rack up impressive savings on your next dream vacation getaway.

Private Condo and Villa Rates
If you are traveling with three or more in your party, you might like to explore renting a condo or villa instead of booking a one-room hotel accommodation. Condo rentals are available in many of the world’s hot spot destinations and are attracting a great deal of attention from savvy travel consumers. By splitting the nightly cost, the final price is cheaper than staying in a four or five-star hotel. Most units are efficient with a kitchen, laundry facilities, and ample closet space. In addition, on-site amenities may include a gym, pool table and outdoor recreation.

Corporate Perks and Freebies
If you are a frequent traveler, you may wish to enroll in a corporate hotel’s reward program. Being loyal to a major hotel chain has its perks with free night stays, credits for airline travel miles, and an extra special welcome when you check in.

All-Inclusive Travel Plans
The all-inclusive travel plan combines your airfare, hotel stay and round trip transfers to and from the airport. These travel bargains are ideal for Caribbean escapes, European getaways and even domestic destinations such as Las Vegas and Orlando. Choose wisely by securing an all-inclusive package that gives you the most bang for your vacation buck. This type of package will include a full or half-day meal plan, some resort or hotel activities, and discounts on in-house and local entertainment.

Saving Money On Meals
The food and beverage portion of your trip is one of the easiest expense tabs to keep to a minimum. Room service meals come at a hefty price and some of the five-star hotel dining rooms are priced out of the ballpark. Mix and match a few of these ideas to keep your food budget under control.

Food Courts
If the hotel you wish to book does not have a food court, you can check online for a nearby hotel that does have one. Food courts are ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner with ala carte service and cheap menu prices.

Kitchenette Rooms
Booking a room with a kitchenette allows you to save money on restaurant costs. You will find that even just brewing your own morning coffee can trim down your food and beverage budget significantly. Finally, use your in-room fridge and microwave to stretch the food budget by storing and reheating leftovers.

Set A Food and Beverage Budget
Before your departure, set forth a realistic food and beverage budget for each day of your vacation. If you have a lengthy layover in between flights, be sure to add a meal cost for that day also. When you implement wise meal planning, you will find there is plenty of room for at least one fine dining experience at your destination. Eat cheaply for most of the itinerary and save money to splurge for that final farewell dinner before your journey home.

How To Save Big Bucks On Cruises
Working people have traditionally set forth their vacation time and secured all of the necessary travel arrangements well in advance of their departure date. However, if you are flexible with your travel plans, there is a way to save as much as eighty percent off the cruise purchase price when you book a last minute cruise.

Last Minute Cruises
You must choose a cruise from the available listings which may or may not go to your favorite destinations. However, deep discounts are plentiful if you can go with the flow and opt for one of the best deals of the day. Choose from the Caribbean, Hawaii or European cruises with savings of 50 to 80 percent off the brochure prices. Your reservation will require full payment at the time of booking, no changes with the cruise line, and no refunds are allowed.

Shoreline Excursions
The shore excursion portion of a cruise can cost more money than the cruise reservation. To beat the high cost of daily shore excursion fees, research your cruise ship’s itinerary and limit the excursions to fit your budget. Visiting travel forums for consumer feedback is an excellent resource to find out which excursions are worth the money and which ones are over rated. Many cruise ship patrons prefer to limit their excursions to two, one or none and enjoy freedom on an uncrowded ship while the others are away.

Avoid Costly Fees
Cruise ships charge lofty fees for Internet use and bill their passengers by the minute. Try to stay off the Internet while you are at sea. Another unpleasant billing surprise comes from using your cabin’s telephone. Instead, use your cell phone or wait until the cruise is over to communicate with your loved ones. Finally, you will be met by the cruise ship’s professional photographers who are assigned to capture the patrons in the dining rooms, main deck and at gala events. These photos are not free and the cruise ship patrons are not obliged to purchase them.

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