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Hidden Coastlines of the Mediterranean: Travel Blog

Hidden Coastlines of the Mediterranean: Travel Blog

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Hidden Coastlines of the Mediterranean

Posted: 10 Apr 2013 11:52 PM PDT

Anyone interested in exploring the hidden coastlines of the Mediterranean should consider a visit to Menorca. This lovely island off of the coast of Spain has nearly 216km of coastline to explore, from beautiful beaches to sandy coves to hidden swimming holes. There is something different to discover every day of your holiday on the island, creating a unique experience that is impossible for other locations to duplicate. 

Pristine Beaches 

Menorca has the distinction of having some of the most attractive beaches in the world located on the island. There are some that are very popular with tourists, providing a great place to people watch and be seen. There are some others that are less well known and more tranquil, creating a perfect location to relax and soak up the sun. People taking walks around the island have come upon some lovely hidden beaches that are not normally used by anyone but locals. 

There are some villas in Menorca that are located a short distance away from the best beaches on the island. Being able to step out of the door at any time to enjoy the coastal views and shimmering water is a big draw for visitors that come to the island. Some of the most popular pool villas in Menorca are sold out far in advance so it is important to make your reservations as soon as you decide where to take your holiday. 

Untouched Coves 

There are a number of untouched coves dotting the coastline of Menorca for you to investigate. These coves may be reached by land or by water, creating a quiet place to relax and unwind. Pack a picnic or obtain some snacks from one of the fabulous restaurants on the island and make a day of exploring the coves that you find during your travels. 

Some of the villas in Menorca are situated in some of the most well known coves on the island. The individuals that rent these villas basically have a personal cove to themselves for the duration of their holiday. If this is something that may interest you and your family, review your choices carefully and ask questions before making your reservations to ensure that you get the villa that you desire. 

Swimming And Water Sports 

One of the best things about holidays in Menorca is the ability to participate in swimming and other water sports in various locations around the island. Anyone that enjoys spending time in the water can find a number of things to do during their island holiday. When renting villas in Menorca, look for any brochures listing the different activities available in the immediate area that you can take time during your holiday to experience. 

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