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Best Beaches in Menorca: Travel Blog plus 1 more

Best Beaches in Menorca: Travel Blog plus 1 more

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Best Beaches in Menorca

Posted: 09 Apr 2013 11:45 PM PDT

If you want a fabulous villa holiday, you should visit Menorca, Spain. Going on a Menorca villa holiday will be the vacation of a lifetime because Menorca happens to have more beaches than Ibiza and Mallorca combined. You can go to a beach that has hotels, bars or restaurants. Or you could choose a quieter beach that is relatively untouched by modern development. The following are some of the best beaches in Menorca for you to choose from as you plan your Menorca villa holiday. 

Arenal d’en Castell beach has large hotels, villas, restaurants, bars, clear blue waters and even nearby pine woods. This beach provides everything that adults or children would want in a beach. It is a little difficult to access this beach because there is only one road that goes there, the road from Binimel-la. Nonetheless, the journey is worth it. You will be rewarded with an unforgettable beach experience. 

Visit Binibequer beach if you want a smaller beach that has a beautiful cove and shallow water. In addition to its natural beauty, this beach has a bar. In fact, at this beach you can relax at the bar and have a drink while sitting with your feet in the sea. 

Son Parc beach is for people who want to be near both a beach and a golf course during their Menorca villa holiday. UK based Villa Select have fantastic villa holiday offers in Menorca and are worth checking out before you book. There are boats and plenty of restaurants at this popular beach. Yet during the summer when this beach is full of people, this beach somehow manages to preserve its aura of calm and never seems overcrowded. 

For those who have historical interest, there is Cales Coves beach. The notable thing about this beach is that it has approximately 100 Bronze Age caves which overlook a bay. You probably are not going to want to walk barefoot on this beach because the beach is filled with pebbles. Nonetheless, because of the caves, this beach is unique. 

If you are seeking beautiful beaches and opportunities to pursue water sports, go to the large Punta Prima beach. Road access to this beach is very easy. There are restaurants and bars. Also, opportunities to windsurf and sail abound here. Of course it is necessary to be cautious because of the harsh currents. You can only swim when a certain flag is up on the beach which indicates that it is safe to go in the water. Nonetheless, if you are a water sports enthusiast who is willing to exercise caution, this is definitely the beach for you. 

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Why Siam Park is so popular

Posted: 09 Apr 2013 04:52 PM PDT

Whether you are looking for something local or to travel abroad there are many waterparks that can show you a good time but only a few that will leave you with long lasting memories. Families from all over the world are choosing to visit Tenerife solely because of the Siam Park.

Based on the old kingdom of Thailand this is the biggest aquatic theme park in Europe. You will find a full line of water rides that will keep you smiling for the entire day. Regardless of age or likes there is something for everyone here. They even accommodate those that don't swim or prefer to stay out of the water

In order to have the best experience possible at Siam Park you will want to order your tickets in advance. This will guarantee early admission and no waiting lines when you arrive. The price for the tickets is more affordable if purchased in advance which can help save you money for more important things during your vacation.

For larger groups you can even get a group discount if you choose to contact the park ahead of time. It can be a pain standing in line for tickets or even ordering them online to only find out that it will take a few days to arrive. This is why you should only purchase tickets from reputable providers like GoSeeDo that can offer you instant e-tickets so you have them in hand and ready to go on an as needed basis.

This is the ultimate theme park for thrill seekers and those that are looking for a way to enjoy the day with their kids. Some of the more popular attractions located inside the park include the Tower of Power, The Dragon, Mekong Rapids, Naga Racer, Jungle Snakes, The Giant, The Volcano, The Lazy River, The Lost City and The Baby Zone. Each of the attractions offer a different ride or thrill for kids of all ages which means families can really enjoy their visit here.

You can easily map out your trip online before ever heading out to the park to ensure that you get the most excitement possible out of your trip. Some visitors prefer to visit more than once during their vacation and will purchase a multi-day pass giving them the ability to explore and enjoy different areas of the park over the span of several days.

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