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Silver Leaf Monkeys, Bako National Park – Malaysia: Travel Blog plus 2 more

Silver Leaf Monkeys, Bako National Park – Malaysia: Travel Blog plus 2 more

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Silver Leaf Monkeys, Bako National Park – Malaysia

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 10:14 PM PDT

Silver Leaf Monkeys

Silver Leaf Monkeys at Bako National Park, in Sarawak (Malaysian Borneo).

Travel Photos: Bako National Park Photo Gallery

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Quirky experiences to make your American adventure more memorable

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 05:52 PM PDT

When people draw up their bucket lists or their holiday itineraries, very often the activities or places listed are not unique.

For instance, a recent survey by outdoor clothing company Helly Hansen revealed that before they die, the average person wants to have visited the Taj Mahal in India, walked the Great Wall of China and travelled to the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights.

While there is no doubt these are life-affirming experiences and well worth doing, it’s likely that when you get home to share your tales, you’ll speak to ten other people who’ve done exactly the same thing.

With this in mind, wouldn’t it be a great idea to draw up a list of a few things to do that will have your audience enraptured when you return to tell your holiday story?

Activity tours of America provide the ideal opportunity to add some quirkiness to your holiday itinerary, as the vast continent contains plenty of hidden gems besides tourist traps and hotspots.

International UFO Museum and Research Centre, Roswell

Fancy yourself as Mulder or Scully? Want to work out what really happened on that infamous night in July 1947 when a flying saucer was alleged to have crash landed in New Mexico?  Well, a visit to the International UFO Museum in Roswell, the town at the centre of the alleged government conspiracy, could yield the answers.

Although you might not solve the mystery, you will have the opportunity to purchase some alien figurines that will make unusual holiday gifts for your friends and family.

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo

No car symbolises USA living more than the vintage Cadillac, and in Amarillo, Texas, ten of these fine motors have been used to create a uniquely American piece of art.

Since the mid-70s, the cars have been buried nose down up to their back windows in the dirt alongside the highway. But far from being a dead and buried installation, Cadillac Ranch is a living, breathing work of art, to which visitors are encouraged to contribute. So take your spray can and leave your mark.

Live like an Indian in Monument Valley

Of course, the USA hasn’t always been a place of big cities, big roads and big dinners. So why not experience a simpler and more harmonious existence by spending the night in Monument Valley with the Navajo people?

Explore the magnificent red rock surroundings of this barren wilderness, before bedding down for the night in a traditional clay and wood ‘hogan’. It’s certainly an experience you won’t forget.

Enjoy a soak in Boiling River, Yellowstone

While hot tubs are great, they’re usually not in the most spectacular of locations. However, in Yellowstone National Park hikers can strip off and jump into Boiling River for a well-earned soak.

Despite the name, you won’t suffer the same fate as a restaurant lobster here, because on the 45th Parallel – the halfway point between the Equator and North Pole – a thermal spring mixes with the Gardener River to create pleasant water temperatures – allowing you to kick back and enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery all around you. 
As you can see, it’s easy to have an unusual travel experience in the USA that will leave you with some great memories and interesting stories to take home. 

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Discovering the Outer Limits of Faro

Posted: 14 Mar 2013 03:35 PM PDT

The Portuguese city of Faro, well served with boutique hotels and hostels, fine restaurants and first class travel connections to the wider Algarve region, is the perfect base from which to explore the surrounding country on excursions and day trips.

Cheap flights to Faro from airlines like arrive daily, from which a short drive to your city accommodation will give you your first glimpse of the landscapes you might explore.

A day-trip to Sao Bras de Alportal can provide the perfect tonic to those weary of city streets and jostling crowds. Here, rugged cliffs and rocky peaks shelter abundant groves of naturally growing almond and fig trees, and local vendors and market stalls offer the best and freshest of the produce for hikers and ramblers.

Hotel pick-ups can take you to neighbouring Seville, another wonderful specimen of Portuguese history and city life. A full day trip, a guided tour will make sure you don't miss a thing, from the Torre del Oro, the city's former prison and watchtower, to the Seville bullring, where the bullfighting season runs from April through to November, and whilst certainly controversial, the fights are undeniably a living aspect of Hispanic soaked in culture and history – or blood, depending upon your point of view – and tickets can be easily found. The free hours in the afternoon of your tour are yours to fill as you please, sampling local delicacies and tapas and the city's restaurants and cafes before it's time to return.

Stunning Surroundings

The city of Faro owes much of its very existence to the sheltering landscape and hilly surrounding countryside that protected its inhabitants from the worst of a devastating earthquake in the 1700s, but locals and visitors alike also pay tribute to the areas stunning natural beauty. Indeed, the Ria Formosa National Park is the perfect way to spend a day, hiking, exploring or simply lounging under the rays of the sun at the edge of a crystal clean lagoon.

A mere bus ride from Faro city centre down to the Algarve coast, the dunes and grasslands of the Park are a Mecca for rare bird species and bird-spotters alike, enjoying the protection afforded by the drifts and surrounding hills. Clear, calm and tranquil, pack your hiking boots or a picnic, and enjoy the day as you wish, removed from the crowds jostling for space at the city beaches.

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