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Bali – The Perfect Honeymoon Destination: Travel Blog

Bali – The Perfect Honeymoon Destination: Travel Blog

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Bali – The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Posted: 04 Mar 2013 04:21 AM PST

Bali is a country rich in tradition and culture, lush green rainforest, ancient temples, bustling markets and beautiful tranquil beaches. The people here are friendly, the resorts luxurious and the cuisine excellent. There will always be more than one reason to add Bali on to the list of possible honeymoon destinations. The wild tropical landscapes, the perfumed air of native flowers and complete privacy are just the beginning of a list of reasons you, and your loved one, would choose to visit this stunning island. It is easy to make Bali the honeymoon of a lifetime with memories to last forever. Bali holidays present so many lavish choices. Throughout the island, there are numerous luxurious hotels to choose from, offering an array of facilities including spas, swimming pools and wellness centres. Speak to a Bali honeymoon specialist to ensure that you and your partner are able to experience all that Bali has on offer. Combine your laid back relaxed escape with authentic experiences, visiting rice paddy fields, lakes, volcanoes, temples and traditional dance shows.

Sunset Palms

Seminyak is the perfect location for stylish bars, boutiques, clubs and an excellent beach. Drive to the rugged south of the island and stop off at Uluwatu. Walk down the steep steps and watch the surfers catch huge waves, a temple perched on the cliff at what is almost the southernmost tip of the island is a spectacular sight, especially at sunset. Ubud is Bali's spiritual home, filled with art galleries and craft shops. Here you can witness some traditional dance in the evenings, explore the local markets and indulge yourself in Balinese culture. For some light hearted fun visit Monkey Forest in the arty highland town of Ubud, see rice fields on the way and enjoy the stunning view


Neighbouring Lombok is less developed than Bali but just as beautiful. The southern coastline boasts magnificent bays in the Indian Ocean, the perfect location for surfers while idyllic Mawan is ideal for swimmers. The Rinjani volcano offers regions premier trek, you can climb to the top and be rewarded with the incredible view.


Bali has all the attractions of traditional honeymoon destinations, beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, luxurious hotels and fantastic weather. What makes Bali different to any other holiday destination is that it has unique appeal; it ensures a honeymoon like no other with its rich culture and tradition. It is a spiritual place with friendly people who really take your honeymoon to an entire new level.

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