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5 Things you may not know about Vietnam: Travel Blog

5 Things you may not know about Vietnam: Travel Blog

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5 Things you may not know about Vietnam

Posted: 10 Mar 2013 08:53 PM PDT

Although many people are now aware that the country of Vietnam features an immense amount of natural beauty, specific quirks of Vietnamese culture and landscape remain relatively unknown among travellers. Tourism in Vietnam is progressing more rapidly now than it has ever been in the country’s history, but fortunately, significant tourist trade hasn’t negatively affected the innate graciousness of the people or the vibrant lushness of the land. Those who are considering making a trip to Vietnam in the future will be interested, surprised and delighted when they discover certain aspects of life in that country. Here are five aspects of Vietnam that most traveller are probably unaware of. 

Vietnamese local

1. Iced Tea is Free

Patrons in restaurants, bars and cafes can all enjoy ice tree for free in most Vietnamese establishments. Some places offer gratis hot tea as well.

2. Heavenly Coffee

The tea is probably free because the coffee is divine. Vietnamese cafes feature some of the most flavourful coffee on the planet. Locals and guests alike love caphe sua da over ice with a splash of condensed milk. Vietnam is the world’s second largest exporter of coffee and the world’s largest exporter of coffee. 

3. Vietnamese Families Use They’re Living Rooms as Motorbike Garages

Almost every Vietnamese family has at least two motorbikes, and these bikes are parked in the family living room when not in use. Many families do not own traditional automobiles at all and depend on their motorbikes for all of their local transportation needs. Adventurous holidaymakers can rent motorbikes for their own use while there and get around the city like the locals do. 

4. Vietnam Cuisine Rivals it’s Coffee

Vietnam regional food not only tastes as good as its coffee, it’s one of the healthiest diets that humans can consume. Locally sourced fish and vegetables are commonly used ingredients in everyday Vietnamese cuisine. Those visiting Vietnam can also try eating Banh xeo, a crepe filled with bean sprouts, sliced pork and whole, fresh shrimp. 

5. Vietnam Enjoys a Low Unemployment Rate

Did you know that Vietnam has the one of the lowest unemployment rates among developing countries? With an unemployment rate of just slightly over two percent, business in Vietnam is booming making this a compelling country to trade with.

No matter what time of year you choose to visit, you'll always be treated with substantial graciousness from the locals. Although the scenery is stunning and the coffee is stellar, the people of this country make it an extra special place to travel to.

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