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How to Keep Teens Happy on a Family Holiday: Travel Blog plus 2 more

How to Keep Teens Happy on a Family Holiday: Travel Blog plus 2 more

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How to Keep Teens Happy on a Family Holiday

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 08:42 PM PST

As children grow older it can become more and more challenging to have a successful family holiday. However, with enough money, planning and insight into your children’s interests, luxury family holidays can create warm memories that will last a lifetime.

When you are deciding where you want to go and what to do, make sure to include your teens in the discussion. Don’t simply choose activities that teenagers are supposed to find enticing; ask your kids what they would like to do. If you’d rather surprise them, at least take their interests into account. One teen may love spending a week just lounging on the beach, while another would prefer spending that time at a theme park or at a ski resort.

One thing you should take into consideration is that many teens would rather spend time with their peers than their parents or siblings. This can be a painful realisation, especially for a close-knit family, but if this is the case for your teens, consider allowing each of them to bring a friend along. At the very least, let your teens go off by themselves with each other for periods of time. One danger in taking luxury family holidays is a perceived need to over-schedule. Be sure to leave some room for down time or unplanned activities.

Another way to keep teens happy on your luxury family holiday is to keep them fed. Growing teens usually have hearty appetites, so make sure you stock up on snacks for activities that last several hours. More than that, you should be willing to take in as many local restaurants as possible. These can provide a great bit of exotic flavour and be a built-in way for the family to spend time together. Teens rarely mind spending time with the family when they are getting a great meal out of the deal. You should also take into account your children’s particular tastes. If one loves Chinese food, try to find a unique Chinese restaurant to go to. If one hates Italian but you crave it, perhaps you could split up for dinner one night so nobody has to eat an undesirable meal.

The key to good luxury family holidays is doing something that every person going really wants to do. You may not all be on board with every activity, but each person should have at least one major outing that they are truly excited about. That way, you all can return home satisfied that you had an amazing holiday you will always remember.

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Make the Most of a San Diego Holiday

Posted: 10 Feb 2013 06:21 PM PST

San Diego has so much to offer visitors; it's hard to know where to start. As home to hundreds of great hotels, world famous attractions, beautiful natural scenery and countless things to do, it can be overwhelming to plan a holiday in San Diego and try to fit everything in.

Make the most of your trip with this helpful itinerary from a lucky San Diego local who's been there and done that in America's Finest City.

San Diego Hotels I Recommend:

DoubleTree Downtown San Diego: To capture the true San Diego experience, there is no better hotel to book than the DoubleTree Hotel Downtown San Diego. Located in the heart of downtown and just a few blocks from the popular Gaslamp Quarter, the DoubleTree Hotel is a great choice for a convenient trip to San Diego. It's nestled in the quaint downtown neighborhood of Little Italy filled with shops and restaurants, only a few minutes from the San Diego International Airport, a couple miles from the San Diego Harbor and other attractions like the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park and Old town.

The US Grant Hotel: If you really want to be in the middle of all the downtown San Diego action, the US Grant is a great hotel to book. This historic San Diego hotel is located on the edge of the Gaslamp Quarter which is made up of 16 blocks of restaurants, shops and nightlife venues. The US Grant provides luxurious and stylish accommodations with an old-world feel and includes on-site amenities like a fitness center, spa services, restaurant and lounges. Built in 1910, the US Grant San Diego combines old-world charm with modern conveniences in the heart of San Diego for a hotel experience you don't want to miss.

San Diego Attractions I Recommend:

Go San Diego Card: The best way to make the most of your stay in San Diego is with the Go San Diego Card from Smart Destinations. This card allows you to choose from 48 different attractions including the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld and LEGOLAND California and put together a package for the ones you want to see most at a hugely discounted price. I would suggest spending a day at the Zoo (it's called "World Famous" for a reason), checking out the Shamu Show at SeaWorld and taking a ride on the beachfront Giant Dipper wooden roller-coaster at Belmont Park.

San Diego Activities I Recommend:

Hornblower Cruises and Events: A dinner cruise with Hornblower Cruises and Events is an unforgettable San Diego experience. Visitors can enjoy a three course meal, live DJ and dancing aboard a Hornblower yacht during a 3-hour cruise of the San Diego Bay. The view of downtown from the water at night is absolutely breathtaking and it will set the scene for couples looking for a little romance in San Diego.

La Jolla Kayak Tour: The La Jolla Underwater Park is a stunning natural attraction in San Diego with seven sea caves, an abundance of sea life and beautiful coastal views. There is no better way to experience the area than gliding along the water's surface in a tandem or single person kayak. It's fun, it's refreshing and it shows you a unique side of San Diego. San Diego Bike, Hike and Kayak Tours offers year round two-hour kayak tours of this area where guests can explore the sea caves, get up close and personal with sea lions and get a glimpse of the exciting underwater park with an educated guide.

This article was written by Carli Leavitt, the editor of Leavitt is a San Diego native with a wealth of knowledge about local attractions, hotels, beaches and nightlife venues in southern California.

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Costa Rica: Get Living

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