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Seychelles Holiday Deals: Travel Blog plus 3 more

Seychelles Holiday Deals: Travel Blog plus 3 more

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Seychelles Holiday Deals

Posted: 28 Jan 2013 12:47 AM PST

Seychelles is one of the best holiday destinations if you are looking for a place to spend some time and unwind. Seychelles offers numerous beautiful places and beaches. Seychelles is a tapestry of over 100 beautiful island jewels on a blue stretch of the Indian Ocean. The destination has earned repute as a model of ecotourism and is a safe haven for some of the exceptional species of fauna and flora on earth. It also boasts two UNSCO world heritage sites, the Pralin’s Vallee de Mai and Aldabra. On top of the outstanding luxurious options, this destination has several incredible guesthouses and self catering facilities. With temperatures ranging from 28 to 34 degrees Celsius the islands are a perfect place for anyone who is looking for a special way to relax and enjoy.

Seychelles offers some of the most un-spoilt and beautiful tropical island archipelagos in the world. Here you will have a chance to visit some of the best botanical gardens, nature reserves and bird sanctuaries. This spectacular natural haven offers a lot of beautiful islands to be explored and discovered. Seychelles is home to some of the rarest species of animals and plants as well as magnificent natural scenery.

Culture and Entertainment
Seychelles has a fusion of culture because a lot of people here belong to different religion and cultures. The entire culture of this paradise is very vibrant and the population depicts unity in variety. The food, festivals, art and entertainment are under the national culture and each has its own fun and taste. Although people are from different parts of the world with different cultures they respect one another. If you love exploring artistic history Seychelles has a lot to offer there are several art galleries that tells a lot about the county’s culture. The most popular art galleries are George Camille and Antonio Filippin Studio which attract a lot of visitors daily. The Craft Village offers a lot of souvenirs to make your holiday complete and memorable.

Seychelles has numerous luxury hotels as well as budget hotels, guesthouses, apartments and boutique hotels for the budget conscious travelers. Some of the luxury hotels in Seychelles that offer special deals include Raffles Seychelles, Sunset Beach Hotel, Coral Strand Hotel, Black Parrot Suites, La Digue Island Lodge Hotel, Marechiaro Hotel and Le Meridien Barbarons. These hotels offer sports and activities such as golf, swimming, beauty parlor and scuba diving. Water sports are a great attraction in Seychelles and are well practiced in most of the luxury hotels.

Monuments and Museums
In spite of its small size, this country is home to some outstanding monuments and museums that are rich in the island’s history. Dauban Mausoleum, Le Jardin du Roi and Bel Air Cemetery offer visitors a greater insight in the country’s history.

Seychelles is popular for its wonderful beaches and all the time warm weather along with its natural beauty. It is one of the few places on earth that are spared from human destruction, there are also numerous breathtaking attractions that are a must see for any tourist. You can get a good Seychelles holiday deals from the numerous luxury hotels in Seychelles.

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Introducing Cruise Miles, The Unique Loyalty Scheme For Ocean Travel

Posted: 27 Jan 2013 11:45 PM PST

The idea of frequent flyer miles and loyalty schemes may be familiar when we are travelling with airlines but did you know you can also earn points like these on the water? Cruise lovers can now take advantage of the same level of benefits through a unique frequent travellers program with Cruise Miles – the UK’s top loyalty system from Reader Offers Ltd.

What is Cruise Miles and what can it offer?

The basic concept of the Cruise Miles loyalty scheme may sound unusual but it is essentially very simple; members can sign up for free online to start earning points on their cruises – one “Cruise Mile” for each pound that is spent – and these can be used to pay for services and benefits in the future. The miles are easily redeemable and will not expire. In addition to the points earned, members of this exclusive scheme will also receive extra bonuses such as a monthly magazine, priority access to new deals and advance registration for the on-board itineraries.

Doesn’t this idea of an “exclusive”, “unique” service mean that Cruise Miles users are rather limited in the benefits they can receive?

Some prospective applicants may be wary of these terms and the unfamiliarity of the concept, however Cruise Miles actually offers its customers a lot of flexibility and accessibility. Arguably the best features of all with this membership are the fact that the points can be redeemed on a wide range of rewards and that they are endorsed by the majority of the UK’s top cruise lines. This choice means that “Miles” can be used on anything from the basic cost of a cruise, to a cabin upgrade on the next voyage, travel insurance or even a pre-cruise hotel room in the port of origin.

Additionally, there are no points limits on either the number earned or redeemed and the rewards can be enjoyed by a number of recipients. While the terms and conditions state one membership per household, that Cruise Miles membership will cover your entire family if you choose a vacation with the kids or a companion if you are single.

What do people have to say about this scheme and is it really worthwhile?

This loyalty scheme certainly looks good on paper, and there are some great additional benefits that you may not have expected, but you should not just rely on the words of the sales pitches and celebrity endorsers. Customers and officials from the many cruise operators involved have added their personal testimonials to the website, praising the scheme for its service and advantages. Many cruise lines highlight the great variety on offer in this “innovative” programme and users cite the flexibility, great customer service and professional nature.

Summary: why people should enjoy the prospects of loyalty points with their next cruise.

This idea of a “unique” concept is apt because Cruise Miles has taken the ease and benefits of airline points schemes and effortlessly applied them to ocean travel to provide an advantageous programme, unlike any other. Essentially, this is a friendly, accessible loyalty scheme that is praised by customers and cruise operators alike so there is no reason why cruise lovers should not sign up with the company’s friendly team for free and start increasing the potential of their future cruises.

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Adventure Activities For Family Holidays

Posted: 26 Jan 2013 11:46 PM PST

Often plans for family summer holidays are aimed at some quality time with family members. There are different types of people in this world and so are their vacationing preferences. Some families prefer warm home-cooked meals while others would want to go out and sing and dance. Then there is a third type: families who want to go for adventure activities like skiing, kayaking, rock climbing, fishing etc.

Adventure trips are actually a wonderful means for families to connect and spend a good time together. At the same time they can prove to be an alternative to the traditional beach holidays too.

If conventional holiday ideas have bored you or you are an adventure seeker who will go kayaking and skiing instead of resting at home in the holidays, then here is a list of ideas for the perfect adventurous family summer holidays with your family.

1. Go kayaking:
A sport quite similar to rowing, Kayaking is very popular among adventure buffs. Kayak differs from a boat only in construction and the sitting position of the person. It is an adventure sport ideal to be enjoyed in a family vacation, preferably with those family members who know how to swim indulging in it. However non-swimmers can also equally indulge in kayaking by using life jackets.

2. Go Hiking:
If you fancy a trip where you trek through the rocks and hills with your backpack, then hiking is the best to fulfill your desires. Nature parks and leisure hiking are the best ways to be in the lap of the Mother Nature by going through some of the most popular hills with green surroundings, tranquil lakes, rivers and most stunning waterfalls. It is advised to be reasonable while choosing your hiking destination considering the bodily capabilities of all members of your family.

3. Go Camping:
Put up a tent along the banks of the river and indulge in fishing and swimming daily, prepare a meal on fire on the banks of the river and cuddle up with your loved ones in the night as you sit and chat close to the bonfire flashing against the contrasting black sky.

Sounds fun does it not? Camping is a great way to relax and enjoy a pleasant holiday with your family. Make sure to carry supplies to last your stay.

4. Sailing:
There is nothing that beats the pleasure of sailing in the blue waters as the cold breeze blows through your hair and refreshes your mind and body. It can be a fun experience for the whole family. Apart from sailing, undertake some other water sports such as scuba diving or fishing to better the experience. If it suits your budget, you can go for a private yacht to get more privacy for your family.

You can also engage in a number of other activities such as rafting, river crossing, ice-skating or skiing. Rember too, that if you wish to take Christmas family holidays in the sun, you could always have your adventures in warmer climes like Australia or Thailand.

It is time to decide the most suitable idea and the most convenient destination for you, fill in the necessary gear in your backpack and get ready to experience the best family adventure holiday of your life.

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Fun and Exciting Ideas for School Tours

Posted: 25 Jan 2013 12:15 AM PST

A lot of teachers know the importance of getting kids interested in the subject through hands-on activities which are often done outside of the classroom. School trips are created for this purpose to expose kids to activities which are related to the subject but are fun and allow them to break out from the confines of the classroom.

Fun Ideas for School Tours
There are numerous ideas for school tours that can be tailored to suit the learning plan of any class. Whether you are teaching a science, a history, or geography class, there are various ways to incorporate the lesson with outdoor activities that are fun, engaging, and very educational.

You can opt for local and international destinations for geography classes. Top choices include a school trip to Iceland where the entire class can spend five whole days exploring the natural beauty of the country. Equally popular is a trip to Morocco where the class can spend a few days learning about desert formation while standing on sand dunes before they head out to learn about the colorful Moroccan culture. Other top destinations for geography classes include Jordan, Peru and Australia. For shorter trips, there are hundreds of local destinations that are prime options for school trips as well such as the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and even your local beach!

History and Art
This is one subject where you can find so many options for class trips. For destinations inside the country, top options include local museums, art fairs, historical sites, and other destinations that offer an actual experience of history and all that is interesting about it. There are various historical sites all over the country that are accessible and easy on the school budget. International destinations also abound, from the ruins of Pompeii to the pyramids of Egypt. If you are wary about budget limitations there are nearby destinations such as Cuba and Panama whose histories are also intertwined with that of the US.

Museums and the outdoors are great ideas for school trips as well. You can find at least one science museum in every state. You can also find numerous international destinations that can be tailored for a fun and exciting science class trip. These include trips to the Galapagos Islands, Madagascar, or Sri Lanka. Aside from being exotic locations, these places offer a wealth of scientific knowledge that will surely fascinate young learners. Costa Rica is another prime example where students will get to visit turtles at a popular turtle conversation project site.

There are so many options for a fun trip for the class. These trips are not just tailored for class field trips. You can do these trips as part of a family vacation to add an educational element to your holiday. Whether you are planning an overseas trip (French school trips are popular) or one that is just located within the state, there are various fun educational options to choose from. Take your pick from the various fun field trip options mentioned above and create memorable educational experiences for you and your kids.

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