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School Holidays Family Adventure Travel: itravelnet.com Travel Blog plus 1 more

School Holidays Family Adventure Travel: itravelnet.com Travel Blog plus 1 more

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School Holidays Family Adventure Travel

Posted: 29 Jan 2013 06:30 PM PST

Take advantage of the February half term holidays with your family by treating them to a great family travel experience that includes adventure, excitement and fun. Your family will be so engrossed in the trip that they won’t even realize that they are learning while traveling

You might consider the Rift Valley Safari which will place everyone up close and personal with all of the wildcat such as lions, leopards and cheetahs. They can also see elephants, rhinos and baboons. They can also learn and experience the way of life of the Masai Tribesmen which will be an awesome experience for he entire family. This African Safari may be one of the best life experiences that they ever have. You don’t have to worry about roughing it as there are lodges that allow for all of the comforts needed to get a great nights rest. Everyone can also enjoy a night in a tent while on the safari. The family will be able to experience all that Africa has to offer. Meals are included as well as park fees.

Perhaps 10 days in Egypt is the type of holiday that you would like to gift your family with. The Feluccas and Pharaohs holidays will gift your family with wonderful and memorable experience during the February half term holidays. Everyone will be able to check out the Red Sea and its underwater world. They can also visit mummies in their chambers and the Nile waters will provide a sailing adventure that is peaceful and enjoyable. Meals are included as well as transportation. Lodging is also available in sleeper trains and hotels. The family can enjoy camel rides, visiting the Pyramids of Giza and enjoy shopping in Cairo.

To experience a winter adventure, visit Andorra Europe where the family can spend 8 days enjoying all of the snow activities that the Pyrenees Mountains have to offer. Cross country skiing can be enjoyed or everyone can take a walk in their snow shoes just to enjoy the beautiful landscape and scenery. Snowboarding and snowmobiling are popular activities that are fun as well. You may even want to give dog sledding a try to make your adventure complete. If you’ve ever wonder how to build an igloo, you can learn while in Andorra, it’s a great survival technique. The lodging is in a hotel with all of the comforts that you need and 7 breakfast and dinner meals are included.

Another great winter adventure for your February half term holidays is Bulgaria. You will be able to spend 5 nights in a comfy hotel and 2 nights in a mountain hut that will allow you to see all that Bulgaria has to offer. You can snowboard, ski or take skiing lessons while in Bulgaria and also take a horseback ride through the beautiful are. Sledding and snowshoeing are also fun activities that you can enjoy while in Bulgaria. The snowshoeing will take you to 7 Lakes that were created by glaciers and allow you to see the landscapes that are breathtaking.

Treat the family to a an adventure of a lifetime during the February half term holidays with a great selection of family holidays and adventures.

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7 Cycling Destinations For Holidays

Posted: 29 Jan 2013 02:42 AM PST

Cycling holidays are a very common practice in Europe and are slowly gaining ground in other countries around the world as well. Cycling is an environmentally friendly, adventurous and relaxing way to spend your holidays. There are so many families who opt for this type of vacation without necessarily being athletes or cyclists. Imagine the thrill and fun of preparing your bikes and spending your holidays in the saddle, with friends or family, grinding kilometres and enjoying breathtaking views.

Here is a list of few cycling destinations that are fun to be in:

1. France.
When you think of cycling, France is always going to spring to mind. With the Tour de France capturing the imaginations of cyclists of all classes, cycling holidays in France make for a natural choice. The country is cycle friendly and of course the scenery is stunning.

2. New York, USA.
The city has created more than 300 km of cycle paths in recent years. You can ride your bicycle and follow the bike path to Shore Road Park and explore the Central Park of Manhattan before crossing the famous Brooklyn Bridge.

3. Seychelles.
It offers a combination of relaxation and adventure. You can choose from several routes for your bicycling holiday. Praslin, the second largest island of Seychelles offers a circuit along the north coast along one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is an ideal solution for those who want to add a touch of adventure to their romantic holidays in Seychelles.

4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Cyclists in Brazil can move around easily in Rio de Janeiro, thanks to the fairly secure network of pathways that are separate for cycles and automobiles. An ideal route that can be followed starts from the picturesque beach of Ipanema to the Garden of Allah to Rodgrigo de Freitas lagoon culminating at the tropical ecological park of Catacumba.

5. Amsterdam and Brussels.
Brussels, the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium and Flanders consists of several small neighborhoods and charming villages. Amsterdam is a city between tulip fields and the North Sea with canals and tall houses, museums, flat terrain and many trails.

These two European capitals have an extremely bicycle friendly atmosphere. Both the cities offer a rental service and the number of bicycles in Amsterdam are greater in number than the residents themselves.

6. Gran Canaria, The Canary Islands.
This amazing island with a variety of landscapes is a cycling paradise that offers you to explore itself on a bicycle. You can discover its wide open spaces, vast sandy beaches, green valleys, subtropical forests and magnificent dunes quite comfortably leisurely cycling across the island.

7. Rabac, Croatia.
The town of Rabac, located on the eastern coast of Istria, Croatia, is one of the best cycling destinations due to its nature trails on land ranging from easy to moderately difficult to challenging. You can enjoy a 30-60 km long path through seaside towns and historic sites such as the “Town of Labin”.

Remember to show interest in the local customs, food and culture as you cycle around the villages and unexplored places. The travelers on bicycles are the most respected ones on the planet, you just need to strive a little to understand the local traditions with a small dose of humility.

With the above tips, you are all set to have adventurous and comfortable cycling holidays. So, why is the delay? Get a trendy mountain bike that is designed for expeditions and plan your next vacations to be cycling holidays.

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