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On Travelling to Morocco: Travel Blog plus 2 more

On Travelling to Morocco: Travel Blog plus 2 more

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On Travelling to Morocco

Posted: 25 Jan 2013 05:56 PM PST

Morocco is a North African country bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. In deed the exotic location of Morocco makes it a quintessential tourist destination for adventure lovers. Its strategic location at the crossroads of the East and West, the North and South presents a wonderful opportunity for a vacation that is set to leave you spoilt for choice. Suffice to say that Morocco presents a clash of culture owing to the multitude of cultures that influence it. Indeed, the culture in Morocco can be compared to fine cuisine given that the African, the oriental, Arabic, Mediterranean and the European cultures contribute to the Moroccan culture. What makes Morocco holidays truly unique is the fact that this diverse flavor spread in to every facet of the travel experience ranging from the music, the food and the architectural designs of the town.

What makes the exotic and exciting North African country of Morocco stand out is the plethora of activities that you can indulge in throughout the year. Unlike other travel destinations, Morocco welcomes tourists at all times of the year with the promise of a breath-taking and memorable experience. With its diverse tourist attraction sites, its historic monuments and the striking architecture of the towns that speak volumes in to the history of the country and the wide array of activities available for the enjoyment of the tourist, Morocco has something in store for everyone who visits. It combines a unique blend of rural travel activities and the exotic fast paced urban experiences.

With its white sandy beaches, for the lover of the ocean, Morocco offers a selection of secluded beaches nestled beautifully along the beachfront. Here you can enjoy an assortment of activities including water sports in the strikingly beautiful aquamarine waters. This is especially so in the towns of Casablanca and Essaouira. For the lovers of food, a journey to the delight of your palettes presents itself in the Moroccan cuisine. Its exquisiteness lies in the diversity employed in preparation. From the Mediterranean fruits, the fresh red meat and the use of rich spices, attraction sites such as the Djemaa El Fna market come alive in the night to serve only the best in Moroccan cuisine. The mouth watering fried eel, the remarkable pastries and the crisp salads are some of the delights on offer in this market.

However, the greatest pleasure in a trip to Morocco lies in store for the adventure lovers. The favorable climate all year round leaves them spoilt for choice between which activities to engage in. The treks to the Atlas Mountains offer a fun activity for the whole family given that the terrain is favorable for all and sundry.

Camel rides through the desert are one of the most popular adventure tours in Morocco. Voyages to the leading attraction sites in the towns of Volubilis, Marrakech, the ancient and medieval town of Fez and Rabat offer unparalleled adventures. The phrase employed in marketing Morocco truly sums up the experience “the country that travels within you”

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How to Travel Cheap at Last Minute?

Posted: 25 Jan 2013 03:23 AM PST

Most of us already know pretty well why the late deals on travel services are advantageous… travel agents cut their tariffs when they believe that not enough services could be sold in time. For fear of not being able to fill their airplanes, hotel rooms, cruise ships etc., they resort to drastic price reductions.

We all love to spare a few bucks, don't we? And not being hasty about travel booking can actually be beneficial.
But there's far more to last minute travel than you might think!

There's a vast number of additional techniques that you can use for saving. All these combined can pull your expenses down tremendously.

Last minute travel-specialized portal, shares several less-known techniques for grabbing bargains and shrinking trip costs.

Let's see some of them…

1. Travel coupon codes will pull the prices further down!
Indeed, you can apply the discount alphanumerical codes and it works like "magic" – you will wake up with lower total costs. Obtaining these codes could be rather difficult. But by checking out the mentioned site, the coupons will be just a click away (Last Minute Spider shares rare coupons as well – just type them in before checkout and you might be in for a surprise!)

2. Know exactly when you should book
Study the seasonality of tourism to your destination. Towards the end and towards the beginning of the seasons you will find plenty of discounted offers. Usually that's the best time for visiting.
Booking at the right time saves. Not looking around and not going when you should – will cost you more!

3. Focus on local agents
Locals tend to offer more discounts. Especially smaller hotels, resorts and tour operators are likely to reduce prices. Sometimes even the airlines… So search out local service providers and thoroughly analyze what they have to offer.

The larger (more international companies) tend to be less sensitive to local demand, local situation. For instance: a large hotel chain might try to maintain similar prices everywhere (will be less keen on cutting rates).

4. Crisis makes some prices lower.
The tourism industry in some countries (especially in Europe and the USA) has been heavily hit by the current global economic crisis. Local agents are struggling to cope with losses also because less visitors are arriving (mainly due to the social unrest, riots in the big cities). So they're cutting down hotel rates, tour ticket prices and so on.

For instance, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy are much cheaper today than ever before. You might want to pick one of them and visit before the crisis ends! Otherwise: the United States (especially the coastal areas) has also become cheaper than before.

Low demand due to the crisis pays off. And especially late-booked trips are the ones that are the cheapest.

Hopefully you'll be able to squeeze more out of your trip with these 5 handy tips! Travel is not supposed to be expensive. Skills, techniques, flexibility will bring lower prices to you.

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Gulangyu Island – China

Posted: 25 Jan 2013 03:18 AM PST

Fish Woman, Gulangyu Island - China

Fish Woman statue on Gulangyu Island – China.

Travel Photos: Gulangyu Island Photo Gallery

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