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My Disney Blog

Future of Disneyland’s ToonTown

Posted: 13 Jan 2013 06:21 PM PST

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If you cruise through the Disneyland forums and discussion boards on the web you can usually find, at least once a year, a raging debate about Disneyland's ToonTown.  The debate goes something like this.  "It's a waste of space.  There's nothing there.  Get rid of it."  vs. "My kids love ToonTown.  They can spend hours in there.  It's cute and whimsical."  I tend to play both sides against the middle ground.

When my wife and I make our trips to Disneyland and its just the two of us, even though we may be there for several days, there is a 50 – 50 chance that we never go into ToonTown other than occasional visit to Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin (arguably one of Disneyland's best dark rides).

It doesn't help that ToonTown generally opens later and closes earlier than the rest of the park. We tend to be in the group that could definitely see a better use for ToonTown's space.  And even though we are a little above the age for meet and greets, a trip into Mickey's House every once in awhile

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