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More About Bangkok: Travel Blog plus 1 more

More About Bangkok: Travel Blog plus 1 more

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More About Bangkok

Posted: 05 Jan 2013 08:15 PM PST

More About Bangkok from Laurent Tixhon. This is a follow up to About Bangkok.

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Luxury Breaks Off the Beaten Track

Posted: 04 Jan 2013 05:48 PM PST

When looking for a luxury holiday, people will usually jump to the same destinations. A break in the Caribbean, a paradise island in the Indian Ocean or luxury resorts close to home in France or Spain. But why not consider venturing a little further afield and off the beaten track for you luxury holiday? There are some stunning destinations out there which mix the grandeur of their accommodation and resorts with incredible tourist attractions and alternative environments and scenery. We've picked some of our favourites below.

Russia oozes with luxury and money. So many of the world's richest people are from Russia and when you visit its major cities you see that money dripping off many of the grand buildings. Luxury holidays in Russia combine the grandeur of hotels, restaurants, transports and everything else, with a culture which is steeped in history and intrigue. Gorge yourself on beautiful food and lavish surroundings, in between meeting a former KGB colonel and exploring the Kremlin Palace. Alternatively, spend your time on the water on a luxury river cruise between Moscow and St Petersburg and experience 2 of the world's most beautiful cities. Whatever you want from a luxury break, Russia will entertain you from start to finish. Just don't forget your coat.

If you think of Egypt, you picture spectacular man made edifices, from a giant Sphinx to the Pyramids of Giza. This spectacular type of approach has been continued by the people of Egypt's ancestors so that today many of the hotels and resorts in the country are equally breathtaking and lavish. On a luxury holiday in Egypt you can stay in some of the most stunning hotels in the world, before heading out to some of the world's most incredible attractions. It's not just the pyramids and sphinx either. Head to the Nile for a stunning river cruise, explore the tomb of Tutankhamen and all the gold that encompasses it, or scuba dive in the Red Sea if you are feeling adventurous. There's more to Egypt than meets the eye and spending some time exploring beyond the usual attractions will unveil a country with plenty to offer.

It may seem strange to say that the UK is 'off the beaten track', but it is amazing how little of the country people explore beyond the usual attractions of London and a couple of other areas. The UK has a lot packed into a small space, and if you scratch beneath the surface you can find some places which are both stunningly beautiful and home to wonderful hotels and resorts ideal for a luxury break. A UK tour is a great way to see more of the country and discover places you would never have thought of visiting. The north east of England is home to some wonderful countryside and large country homes, as well as the flowing countryside of the Yorkshire Dales. Venture further north and break into the Western coast of Scotland, recognised as some of the most wonderful coastline in the world, and also dotted with luxury accommodation to use as a comforting base to explore. On your next UK trip look beyond Big Ben and Cornwall's coast and venture north for something as inspiring as it is surprising.

A luxury holiday doesn't have to mean heading to the same old 5 star resort and sitting by the pool. Try some of these ideas on for size and you might find that you'll never sit by a pool again.

This is a guest post from Tom at Australia Cheap Flights.

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