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Enjoy the Canadian ski scene in 2013: Travel Blog

Enjoy the Canadian ski scene in 2013: Travel Blog

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Enjoy the Canadian ski scene in 2013

Posted: 02 Jan 2013 03:57 PM PST

Europe is genetically gifted with first-class, world famous mountains covered in thick snow and littered with ski resorts. From the Swiss to the French, Austrian to the Italian Alps, you've probably got used to having the best only a stone's throw away.

But if you venture outside Europe, there's a whole new world of skiing to discover, offering even better conditions. Take a look at Canada, for example. Experiencing more frequent snowfall than the Alps, and featuring spiky mountains with treelines that reach their peaks and some of the world's most popular ski resorts, Canada is a paradise for snow lovers.

Canada's resorts are made for large crowds. It's famous for its spacious resorts and long, wide runs which lead to almost non-existent lift queues – a skier's dream.

Its wooded mountainsides provide great visibility even when snowing and are lathered in the deepest and lightest powder imaginable.

Skiers who make the trip across the pond annually claim that the winter sports experience is a whole lot more enjoyable than weaving your way around the crowds on the Alps. The lack of reliable snow cover across much of Europe last year is further incentive to look elsewhere for a season or two.

Cost is usually a huge factor when deciding where to head on a winter holiday. But closer to home doesn't necessarily lead to a cheaper option. Switzerland, one of the most popular ski destinations in Europe has greatly increased in price over the past few years, with the value of their currency decreasing in the Eurozone crisis. In fact, with the large variety of budget airlines and huge array of ski deals 2013 may be the cheapest time to take a snow holiday overseas.

Crystal Ski package deals, covering everything from accommodation and lift passes to equipment hire and food deals make it a whole lot cheaper to take your family to the snow – no matter what country.

Canada is overflowing with world-class ski resorts, like Whistler and Fernie, all accessible with package deals to suit budget-conscious travellers.

The infamous Whistler is an unwavering favourite with every skier, of any ability, thanks to its laid-back attitude and full snow coverage. With 10 metres of snow recorded in an average season, Whistler won't let skiers down with its light powder, lengthy runs and one of the world's longest seasons. There's a huge range of accommodation on offer and Crystal Ski provides budget-friendly deals at the likes of Blackcomb Village Condos and the Crystal Lodge. For a lively dinner option, head to the Spaghetti Factory or the Longhorn Saloon where you'll be treated to great service and reasonable prices.

Fernie has some of the best après-skiing outside Europe. Long days spent skiing the resort's steep, pristine slopes followed by drinking, eating a socialising to your heart's content make for a wonderful holiday. As a result, there's a huge range of restaurants, expensive or affordable, for you to try. Fernie is a fairly remote resort in British Columbia and is renowned for its reliable and extremely high quality snowfall. The spacious and quiet slopes are perfect for serious skiing families. Special offers on accommodation at the likes of the Stanford Resort or the Park Place Lodge are offered through Crystal Ski, making even the most unforgettable holiday affordable.

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