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Traveling to Delhi: Travel Blog plus 1 more

Traveling to Delhi: Travel Blog plus 1 more

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Traveling to Delhi

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 07:14 PM PST

From the ancients of time to today, India has stood out as a great destination for multitudes of people from virtually all the corners of the earth. Perhaps its association with mysticism, magic, great business, medicine and hospitality make it so. Frequent travelers will agree that a journey to the east is always exciting and full of suspense especially if it's the first time. Of particular interest is Delhi, the capital of India. Apart from being the seat of the government of India, Delhi also boasts of being amongst the top metropolis of the world with a treasure-trove of history encased in its ancient ruins and remains of its monuments.

The beginnings of Delhi can be traced back to over 5000 years ago and rivals only Jerusalem and Varanasi in age. Within the last millennia alone, Delhi is believed to have been built and ruined 11 times. It is believed that the oldest incarnation of the city is recorded in the Indian mythological epic, Mahabharata, as Indraprastha. The current population is quite heterogeneous and estimated at over 20 million. Uniquely enough, the ancient traditions of the country are still very evident amongst the indigenous people here despite the heavy influence from foreigners. This is a must see spectacle for anyone who appreciates history and the fine things of life.

Today, the metropolis is filled with all kinds of establishments and businesses of varying sizes. Of course, the ancient monuments have been preserved and heavily protected by the government. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you are bound to find yourself lost in some thrilling adventures in this city. Amongst the many spell-binding attractions include the India Gate, Humayun's tomb, Gandhi Smriti, Garden of Five Senses, Bahai or Lotus temple, Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Lodi Garden, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk and more. Going through the city is quite refreshing because it's like walking through history but in the present time.

Several airlines offer competitive rates for flights from USA to Delhi. Delta airlines offer direct flights from USA to Dehli especially from JF Kennedy International Airport in New York. United airlines do the same and these flights leave daily. Continental airlines booking is amongst the fastest and most efficient in the industry and they also have flights en route to Delhi on a daily basis. Traveling to Delhi is an experience that anyone who values history, culture and diversity should experience at least once in a lifetime.

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Great Wall of China, Mutianyu – China

Posted: 07 Dec 2012 12:20 AM PST

Great Wall of China, Mutianyu - China

Mutianyu is a section of the Great Wall of China north of Beijing.

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