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Top 4 reasons to visit India: itravelnet.com Travel Blog

Top 4 reasons to visit India: itravelnet.com Travel Blog

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Top 4 reasons to visit India

Posted: 04 Dec 2012 05:35 PM PST

India has always been the epitome of diversity for the whole world. It is a destination that can be found in every traveler's to-do-list. This is a country that can make you embrace life by bringing the bits together. India is a nation that has carved its significance in world history with his own hands. This has made it one of the pioneers in the revolution world with contributions in art and science. The rich cultures, colourful traditions, extraordinary beliefs, diverse caste and creed, exceptional flora and fauna and of course, the hearty people of this country make India what it stands for today. You can never qualify yourself as an adventurous traveler if you have not visited this ethnic part of the world. The aura and the grandeur that you might imagine about the place are not even close to what it actually possesses. So pack your bags and travel to India to experience a world like none other.

1. Diversity:
Indian subcontinent has defined the meaning of the word diversity and transformed it to take it to the highest level. Diversity in India is not just limited to the people and the regions but it is extended widely to the geography, climate, cultures, languages, religion, beliefs and ethnicity. Unlike China, this diversity functions with the help of the largest democracy in the world, which is the form of government India has chosen for herself. To experience India's diversity, you can take the help of trusted India travel agents who will customize your holiday to suit your needs.

2. Climate:
Climate in India is far and wide regarded as hot and humid due to its vicinity to the equator. Most of the states in India have regular 3 months of Summer, Monsoon and Winter. But every region is best visited during certain times of the year. The northern part of India is best visited during summer (April to September) where as the south of India is best visited in winters (October to March). However, hill-stations in the south such as Munnar and Thekkady in Kerala are popular during summer as offer travelers a welcome break from the hot and humid costal climes. Most Kerala tour packages include these places in their itineraries. .

3. Ethnicity:
India gives its travelers a platform to experience ethnicity at its best with the varied cultures and people that differ across its expanse. A traveler who wishes to visit this country can travel to India to witness the beliefs and ethnic cultures of the forest tribes and the way of living of the people in the North-East that can astonish the travelers with their colourful lifestyle. The excitement is limited to the imagination of the traveler.

4. Monuments:
India is home to some of the most famous heritage monuments that are known for their rich history and beauty. These include a vivid range – from the most renowned Taj Mahal in Agra to the famous Rajwari Mahals in Rajasthan. Travelers can visit these monuments with value packages and bookings that are offered by India travel specialists that will ensure that you enjoy the trip to its entirety. As for Rajasthan, to take a glimpse of their culture, one can opt for the various Rajasthan tour packages that give a full trip to famous travel spots in the entire state of Rajasthan.

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