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Sustainable Travel – Save the Earth: Travel Blog

Sustainable Travel – Save the Earth: Travel Blog

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Sustainable Travel – Save the Earth

Posted: 12 Dec 2012 05:56 PM PST

The carbon footprint keeps getting bigger. This doesn't mean that people have to bunker down at home. Instead, green travel is possible if people are conscious of their decisions. This is a chance to do one's part and be conscious of the environment. The following includes some great tips for eco-friendly travel.

Before Leaving Home

Making smart decisions before departure can make a huge different. Home owners should turn the thermostat down and make sure that all appliances and electronics are unplugged. A television might be off, but it will still use a small amount of electricity if plugged in. People should avoid printing off tickets and use e-ticket options and double-check that all lights are turned off.

Consider Transportation Options

Direct flights are an important investment that save travelers time and use fewer resources than taking a number of transfer flights to reach a destination. Once a person arrives, it is best to walk to a hotel or destination. If this isn't possible, travelers should forgo a rental car in favor of public transportation. Many places have bike rentals for people who want a quick yet green way to get around.

Reusable Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles are wasteful and a huge expense for travelers. It is better to bring a reusable water bottle for trips. This can be filled with water, juice, or even tea or soda. People can bring water treatment pills and kits for countries that have questionable tap water or for hiking excursions.

Carry Re-usable Bags

Having a medium-reusable bag makes it easier to shop. This also reduces the need for plastic or paper bags. Some countries charge for such bags, so having a reusable option on hand saves the environment plus some money.

Cook Meals Instead of Eating Out

Eating out at restaurants can be expensive and may not be very good for the environment. Instead, it pays to invest in local farmer's markets to taste the local cuisine. This saves travels a lot of money and ensures that people are only supporting organic or green-minded vendors. Leftovers can be brought along for lunch the next day. When eating out, it's important to research restaurants that are local, organic, and green-focused.

Avoid Housekeeping Services

Instead of having daily housekeeping come in and remove towels and sheets, inform the hotel that you will not need such services. This saves on detergent, water, and staff's energy. Towels can be reused, especially if a traveler has brought his or her own.

Switch to Re-chargeable Batteries

Batteries fill many landfills around the world. The problem is that these items often leak toxic chemicals. An eco-friendly decision is to use re-chargeable batteries. This is a chance to save money on batteries, use technology, and save the environment all at the same time.

Invest in Biodegradable Soap

Forget using the small soaps in hotel rooms or purchasing such toiletries. Traditional soaps have harmful dyes and chemicals that can irritate the skin and can harm the environment. Instead, it's important to invest in environmentally friendly soap that is well-suited for the hands, body, and even on some laundry. This is better for one's body and for the environment.

Invest in Local Products and Crafts

When purchasing souvenirs or gifts, it is important to avoid name-brand items made by huge corporations. Often, mass-produced items are made abroad in factories. Investing in local crafts and items from local businesses reduces the effects of pollution and is a unique memento worth saving. Purchasing local crafts and products is a chance to support the small businesses and the local economy.

Traveling is a chance to see the world's beauty. By making environmentally conscious decisions, people can lessen the effects of pollution, energy waste, and reduce their carbon footprint. The smallest of decisions like switching products or walking instead of taking a taxi can have a huge impact on the Earth. Many eco-friendly travel tips not only save the environment but also save people a lot of money too. For more tips on traveling, visit the Kanetix Travel Insurance Infocentre where you can read a variety of articles on saving money on travel insurance, such as this article on Ten practical travelling tips for a happy snowbird vacation. Happy travels and have a safe trip.

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