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How to prepare for long term travel: Travel Blog

How to prepare for long term travel: Travel Blog

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How to prepare for long term travel

Posted: 15 Dec 2012 05:44 PM PST

Do you ever wonder how it is to travel around the world? Maybe that is far stretched, but you can at least travel a part of the world and go on a vacation for long term. You can go on foot traveling for about a year. A lot of people do that now. But how can you prepare for it? Where can you find a good storage for your things? Should you close your bank account? Here are some tips on what you need to do when you leave for long term travel.


If you are to travel for a long period, you should always protect yourself and get the right type of travel insurance. Travel insurance is important because health care may be a lot more expensive from where you were originally from. Hospital bills can be a headache. With trusted travel insurance, you can be free from this frustrating experience in case you get hospitalized. Generally, long stay travel insurance can offer coverage for up to 365 days.

Health Shots

It is advised that you schedule your shots depending on which part of the world you will travel.


The worst thing that can happen to you in a foreign land is to run out of money. Make sure that you check with your bank if you can withdraw from an ATM in the country you will travel to. Review the expiry dates of your credit cards and renew them as needed. It is important that you can access your accounts wherever you are, so make sure that you sign up with online banking. It is wise to give a note to your bank that you will be traveling abroad so they would not suspend your cards for suspicious use if you use them outside the country.


You don’t want to pay for what you don’t use. Cancel all mails and any other kind of subscriptions when you travel abroad. If you are signed up under a service that you won’t be using like cable television or home Internet, cancel those too.


If you have a number of important things that you need to leave behind, then it is important that you store them in a safe place. There are self storage facilities that would let you store small properties like jewelry and vehicles as big as a car or boat.

You can also buy your own storage at home where you can keep your valuables safe and secured. If you have lots of things that you cannot take with you on your travel, you can opt to donate them or give them away. Another option is to sell them off. You can hold a garage sale before you go off and sell the things that you won’t be able to bring, or you can auction them off online in sites like eBay.

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