Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Where to go for the weekend: Travel Blog

Where to go for the weekend: Travel Blog

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Where to go for the weekend

Posted: 14 Nov 2012 04:01 PM PST

It used to be quite simple to decide where to go for the weekend. You'd only want to travel for a couple of hours, whether in the car or on the train, so you wouldn't go too far otherwise half your weekend away would be spent getting there and back. And there were only a limited number of destinations that fitted those criteria.

Now, however, it's entirely different. With cheap flights from airlines like you can get to a number of different destinations within a few hours. And with the deregulation in the airline industry meaning that airlines can fly to and from destinations that aren't their hub airports, the range of options has got even broader.

There's no need to travel to London or Manchester to get on a plane. With so many provincial airports to choose from, there can't be many places left in the UK where an airport is much more than an hour away.

So it's as easy to go to work on a Friday with your hand luggage for the weekend in tow and head straight to the airport after work and fly off to Europe as it is to go to the train station and travel to a different city in the UK.

The great thing about the budget airlines is that it really is so cheap and easy to get to places that people are seeing a lot more of Europe than they used to. It's not unusual for someone at work these days to tell you that they've been to Prague, Rome or Amsterdam for the weekend. In fact, by talking about what someone else has done at the weekend, we all get inspired to do similar trips ourselves. And with great deals on last minute accommodation almost everywhere you look, you can leave it to the day before to decide to jet off, meaning that you can check the weather before you choose a destination!

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