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Want A Holiday? Why Not Try A Staycation!: Travel Blog plus 1 more

Want A Holiday? Why Not Try A Staycation!: Travel Blog plus 1 more

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Want A Holiday? Why Not Try A Staycation!

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 06:23 PM PST

When it comes to holidays, the clamour for the sunshine tends to dominate and people often forget everything that is on offer closer to home. However, the truth is that people do not necessarily need to look abroad to get the most out of a holiday. Instead, they ought to embrace the spirit of the ‘staycation’, which essentially means holidaying at home in the UK.

Making the Most of Home

People have taken the word ‘holiday’ to mean taking leave from home and travelling elsewhere for a break from day-to-day life. While this is easy to understand, this should not necessarily be the case. Rather than deal with the hassles of packing and travelling, why not use your time to holiday at home?

Instead of sticking to your regular schedule, turn off alarms and sleep in. Eat out, shop and take time to enjoy yourself in ways that you don’t get to do on a daily basis. You will not only acquire a new appreciation for your surroundings, but should also find yourself unwinding as your holiday mentality sets in.

Exploring All Britain Has to Offer

Alternately, if you feel that you cannot switch off from the stresses of day-to-day life by staying at home, why not take time out to explore the UK? Whether for just a weekend or a fortnight, Britain has a surprising amount on offer to explore and enjoy.

City lovers can visit urban hubs such as London, Manchester or Edinburgh and revel in culture that cannot be equalled elsewhere. Meanwhile, those lusting after peace and quiet can delve into Britain’s famed greenery, visiting renowned areas such as the Peak District, the Lake District and the wilds of the Scottish Highlands. People should also remember that Britain, as an island, has a fantastic range of beaches, many of which cannot be beaten on beauty. Rather than the Costa del Sol, consider instead the wide sandy stretches along the coastline of Devon, Cornwall and Lincolnshire.

What to Do

By staying close to home you may find yourself pondering beforehand what exactly you are going to do in such familiar surroundings and you may worry that you will find yourself sucked or mired in the grind that you face on any given day, but this is not the case at all!

Take the time to see and experience everything you are not able to do on a daily basis. Treat yourself, whether means going for a pampering session at a local spa or dining at restaurants that you would never let yourself splurge on. Have fun playing the tourist and take time to do and see things you wouldn’t usually, such as visit museums, galleries or amusement parks. Even in local surroundings discoveries can be made.

An Array of Advantages

First and foremost, the advantage of a staycation is the money saved. Money is saved on travel, accommodation, unfavourable exchange rates and constantly eating out. You could even research with websites such as SO Switch to ensure you make even more savings.

Saving money in these ways not only leaves more money for fun but also reduces stress- one of the main reasons for taking a holiday in the first place! Naturally, less stress means a better holiday and this doesn’t matter where you are.

As can be seen, for a brilliant holiday you need not travel far (or even at all). Instead, all the advantages of a holiday and more can be found by taking a ‘staycation’ close to home!

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Girls by the lake, Nanjing – China

Posted: 23 Nov 2012 12:55 AM PST

Girls by the lake, Nanjing - China

Girls by the lake, Nanjing – China.

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