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Will 2012 Be the Year You Try a Different Kind of Holiday?: Travel Blog

Will 2012 Be the Year You Try a Different Kind of Holiday?: Travel Blog

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Will 2012 Be the Year You Try a Different Kind of Holiday?

Posted: 09 Oct 2012 06:56 PM PDT

The holiday season is a time of year which most of us look forward to immensely. Our annual holidays are so precious that it is easy to see why so many people stick with the safe option of doing the same thing in the same place every year.

However, if you want enjoy an even more special break 2012 might be the year in which you decide to try something different. With the world getting smaller all the time there has never been a better opportunity to sample more interesting ways of seeing the world.

A Camping Holiday

It is easy to think of the stereotypical camping holiday and imagine that it is something from a bygone age. This isn't the case at all, and if you look at the deals on offer from companies such as Keycamp you will see modern, enjoyable family holidays. The new generation of camping sites offer all of the facilities you could hope for and you can choose from a country setting or something close to the city of the beach. You certainly don't need to rough it these days. In fact, the huge range of modern camping gadgets around means that you can enjoy a cutting edge holiday while you are there. This is an ideal type of break for a family but it is also more than suitable for couples looking for a romantic holiday.

A Skiing Holiday

This type of trip has traditionally been classed as a rather expensive and exclusive way of going on holiday. Thankfully ski trips are no longer as expensive as they once were and there are now lots of different destinations to choose from. You might need to travel outside the usual holiday season to get guaranteed good conditions but that might even make it easier for you to get the time off you want. It is becoming a more popular idea for family groups to go away skiing together but it remains popular with couples and groups of friends as well.

An Adventure Holiday

This point covers a wide variety of holiday ideas. For instance, would you like to go kite surfing in Scandinavia, trekking in South America or maybe white water rafting in South Africa? The choice of adventurous holidays is incredibly wide these days and you might need some time to make up your mind on which one is the right one. If you like a bit of adrenalin on your time away from work then this sort of break will be perfect for you. It might not be the ideal family holiday but for the young and single it is worth looking at.

What do you reckon? Will you try something different for your holiday this year?

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