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Get a Free $20 B&B Gift Card with Purchase: Travel Blog plus 1 more

Get a Free $20 B&B Gift Card with Purchase: Travel Blog plus 1 more

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Get a Free $20 B&B Gift Card with Purchase

Posted: 17 Oct 2012 07:44 PM PDT

Get a Free $20 B&B Gift Card with Purchase

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Safe money carrying tips while you travel

Posted: 15 Oct 2012 05:56 PM PDT

When travelling it is essential to bring cash with you every day when you are out because you will need it when you eat, for your fare and for general shopping expenses. Bringing huge amounts money though is not advised when travelling because when you are new and unfamiliar place that is when travelers tend to be most vulnerable to theft.

Now before you travel it is essential that you are aware of how you can safely keep and carry your money in order to avoid pickpockets. It would be better to be prepared and safe all the time, instead of losing all your money. How could you enjoy your trip when you lose all your cash?

Check out the following tips to safely carry your money:

• Put cash or wallet on your front pocket – This is considered the safest way to keep and carry cash when travelling or when you are on a vacation. It is more difficult for thieves to steal from your pocket because you would easily detect them. This technique would also make you feel relieved that your cash is intact and safe in your front packet.

• Use a neck pouch – Another safe and effective method is by using a neck pouch. Neck pouches can be found in travel stores or you can also purchase online. This method is safe because you just have to hang the money pouch around your neck. Hide the pouch under your t-shirt or jacket so that it is not obvious that you have money on your neck pouch.

• Make use of a smart money clip wallet. Instead of using a wallet a smart money clip is a great alternative. Money clips are smaller than wallets therefore they are safer to use when travelling. Despite the size you will be surprised how much a money clip wallet will hold. For women travellers there is also the mywalit, which is a stylish compact coin purse.

• Distribute the money with your co travelers – If you are traveling with your family or friends you can distribute your money so that you do not need to carry the entire cash with you all throughout the travel.

With these helpful tips you can definitely ensure of your travel safety when carrying cash. You can choose from any of the above mentioned methods and simply select a technique that would best work for you in the most comfortable and convenient manner. Be cautious whenever you travel, most especially when you go to an entire new place. Losing money would definitely affect your vacation, and this could even bring you trauma.

When it comes to safety travel wallets, money and credit card holders, you can find so many brands on the market. However, only a few are of the highest quality and reliable. One brand that you can surely trust is walletking. They offer a wide variety of men and women’s wallets, as well as money clips, credit card holders and travel wallets.

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