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The fairy tale city of Prague: itravelnet.com Travel Blog

The fairy tale city of Prague: itravelnet.com Travel Blog

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The fairy tale city of Prague

Posted: 17 Sep 2012 06:15 PM PDT

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain Prague has grown to become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and for good reason. The Czech capital has a lot to offer with regard to history, art and culture, giving visitors a memorable experience. Visually, the city is often described as being being a fairytale book, with its ancient spires and cobbled streets. Here are some of the highlights of Prague.


One of the places of interest in the city is the Prague Castle, which is one of the largest castles in the world. The castle, which is the epitome of architectural magnificence, has been in existence for more than one thousand years. It also houses crown jewels in addition to other historic artifacts. The Prague Castle is also home to other important attractions such as the St. Vitus Cathedral. Just like the castle, the cathedral has also been in existence for over a thousand years. With its soaring, graceful towers, it features remarkable domed ceilings, intricate silverwork and stained glass windows. It is not only considered to be among the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe, but also the heart of the castle and the Czech Republic.

The other attraction in Prague is the Old Town Square, also one of the most popular places in the city. It is renowned for its architectural beauty, rich history and lively atmosphere. One of the highlights of the Old Town Square is the famous Astronomical Clock, which dates back to the 1400s. The clock does not only show the time, but also the positions of the sun and moon, sunrise and sunset.

The other famous highlight in Prague is the Charles Bridge, which is lined up with statues. Though crowded during daytime, the bridge is very lively in the evening. Visitors are usually treated to local music, as organ and violin players display their talents. It is also a wonderful place to buy souvenirs and sample local food. Another place of interest in Prague is the National Gallery. The gallery boasts a wide collection of medieval and contemporary art, making it a favorite destination for art lovers.

It is worth noting that the places that have been mentioned here are just some of the highlights of Prague. Beyond the major must sees, part of the joy of Prague is just wandering the streets and making little discoveries for yourself. In view of this, you are likely to find other interesting places in the city to explore if you have the time.

The hotel prices in Prague have risen along with the city’s reputation, thus hotels aren’t the bargain that they previously used to be (though it is still a great deal if you are coming from the UK.) Lately, however, increased competition among hoteliers has helped to bring down the hotel prices. To find cheap hotels in Prague it is best to book in advance using a hotel search price comparison site.

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