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Adventure travel – National Parks in Australia: Travel Blog

Adventure travel – National Parks in Australia: Travel Blog

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Adventure travel – National Parks in Australia

Posted: 23 Sep 2012 11:51 PM PDT

Australia is home to more than 500 separate areas of parkland that are deemed national parks. The parks are designated areas of national importance and interest, both for their bio-diversity and their outstanding natural beauty. Those are just two of the reasons why the parks are fantastic tourist destinations.

Australia's national parks are as varied as they are numerous. They are located all across the country, giving many states and territories their own unique national parks. While each park serves to protect its regional flora and fauna, each one is nevertheless unique and has something different to offer visitors.

The following parks are a small sample of the rich heritage that is Australia's national parks: They are a reminder to those who are already familiar with the parks, and an introduction to those who are unacquainted with them. These natural wonders enrich the landscape, waiting to welcome return visitors, and to astound newcomers.

Royal National Park
On the 26th day of April 1879, The National Park as it was then known was declared the first such park of its kind in Australia. The name of the park was changed to Royal National Park in 1955 to honour the visit by Queen Elizabeth II.

Royal National Park holds the distinction of being one of the world's oldest national parks, second only to America's Yellowstone National Park. The park abuts Garawarra State Conservation Area: Together, they hold a place on the National Heritage List.

The park is in close proximity to Sydney, providing easy access to residents and tourists alike. It was initially created for recreational purposes due to its magnificent beaches, woodlands and heaths. The recreational facilities still exist and visitors can enjoy boating and picnics among other activities. Nevertheless, the park's commitment to conservation and the natural environment makes it even more popular as a tourist destination: It is home to a wide array of plants, flowers and wildlife. The park is awash with blooms between the months of July and November each year, and visitors are treated to spectacular and fragrant displays.

Kosciuszko National Park
This beautiful park is the largest in New South Wales, and a magnet for people looking for adventure holidays. The mountain peaks are covered with snow during the coldest months, and skiing and snowshoeing are popular winter activities.

The park is lush and fresh during the summer months: Fishing, boating, hiking, camping, mountain biking and rock climbing are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed during the warm season. Blue Lake is not to be missed! It is stunning, tranquil and serene – the perfect spot for a picnic and to refresh the soul.

Flinders Ranges National Park
This park is of huge historical interest: Visitors can view examples of Aboriginal rock artistry, relics of earliest European settlements and awe-inspiring fossils.

Wilpena Pound is an astounding site to visit within the park. It has the appearance of a meteor-created crater, but is in fact a massive hollow that was created by the erosion of a mountain range that existed millions of years earlier.

Port Campbell National Park
This national park in Victoria is renowned around the world for its impressive rock formations that were created by ocean waves. Of special interest are the Twelve Apostles, London Bridge, Loch Ard Gorge and Island Archway.

Activities include bushwalking, bird watching, fishing, canoeing and swimming. The picnic area is extremely popular with locals and tourists.

Nature-loving travellers who seek exciting and amazing trips should incorporate visits to Australia's national parks in their holiday/vacation plans. The parks truly are national gems – and their beauty and grandeur can only be fully appreciated first-hand.

This was a guest post by Brenda Panin, a web content writer for Vanuatu holiday packages. Brenda is a contributor to several blogs and he loves to travel and write about her travel experiences.

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