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Latest Post from Travel Wonders of the World

Latest Post from Travel Wonders of the World

French Beauty (Corsica, France)

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 01:56 PM PST

guest post by VillissimaCorsica is a very beautiful and scenic place to visit. It is one of 26 outlaying islands located in the sea south of Italy. It has its own language, Corsican with its own remarkable history and culture. Corsica is an excellent choice for any luxury villa rental and should be visited by anyone travelling to the area.The island has numerous tiny coves and beaches with many

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Travel Photo: Parliament House, Brisbane - Australia: Travel Blog

Travel Photo: Parliament House, Brisbane - Australia: Travel Blog

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Travel Photo: Parliament House, Brisbane - Australia

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 04:37 AM PST

Location: Brisbane - Australia
Photo: Parliament House

Parliament House, Brisbane - Australia

Parliament House in Brisbane, Australia.

My Round the World Adventure

My Round the World Adventure

More Great Travel Movies

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 12:40 PM PST

Way back in 2008, I created a list of ten of the best travel movies even created for film. It’s a great list. Check it out. However, since then, there have been a lot of great travel movies made and, even on the first list, I neglected some others that inspired us to get out on the road or gave us film we could relate too. Therefore, in a long overdue update to my original list, here are nine more of some of the best travel movies to inspire you to get off the couch, pack your bag, and head to unknown lands:

Lost in Translation- Besides being a great movie in general, this movie takes you into the heart of chaotic Tokyo. Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson play two characters adrift in their hotel…at least, until they cut loose and explore Tokyo. These characters are suffering from a self imposed confinement and that bonds them together. Together, they escape into Tokyo, with its non-stop energy. The sights, the sounds, and energy overwhelms you and will have you booking a flight to Japan.

Whale Rider – I remember seeing this movie when it came out. It blew me away. The story follows a little girl in a Maori village and her struggle to get her grandfathers acceptance. But the real star here is Maori culture. The modern world of a Maori is spotlighted in an accurate portrayal the invokes wonder and sympathy. I met a member of the featured tribe while in New Zealand who said the film did a lot of good for his people. This movie sparked a fascination with Maori culture that is part of the reason why I came to New Zealand.

Lord of the Rings- Another New Zealand based movie, Peter’s Jackson award winning epic will leave you stunned with the diverse and beautiful landscape of New Zealand. From glaciers, to rivers, to mountains and forest, New Zealand’s beauty was the star of this movie. It launched the country modern tourist industry and made it one of hte premier destinations to travel too for adventure seekers. Die hard fans can do Lord of the Rings tours.

Into the Wild- Based on a true story, this movie follows Christopher McCandless as he tries to shed his material life and get in touch with life and nature. After graduating from college, Christopher sets out on a road trip through the country before ending up in Alaska. Much of the story is based on second hand accounts, yet the movie is poignant reminder that we all could simplify our lives a little bit and just enjoy living. It reminds us that travel is not about what we carry with us but about what we carry inside.

In Bruges – Colin Farrell may have thought a life in Bruges was hell but the city provides a great back drop for this comedy. And I have to admit, until I saw this movie, I really didn’t know much about Bruges. Sure, I knew where it was and that it was famous but I’d never given much though to it. After this movie, I wanted to go to Bruges. It looked beautiful. (And, upon visiting there, I can confirm it is.) Bruges is a great destination for travelers who want to step back in time. This movie will have you including it in your next European adventure.

Under the Tuscan Sun- I don’t like Diane Lane chick flick movies and this movie is totally one of them. Girl feels lost in life, starts fresh, meets guy, everything works out. The only good chick flick is Love actually. But I digress. This movie could start any actress because the real movie star here is Tuscany. Tuscany provides the stunning backdrop for this otherwise mediocre movie. This places lives up to all the hype that surrounds it and will make you want to leave and buy a vineyard in some small Italian village.

Nowhere in Africa- A German movie that follows the true life story of a Jewish family who escapes the Nazis to run a farm in Kenya. The movie deals with how they adjust to their new life, cope with the life they left behind. Anyone who has ever lived and adapted to a new culture will be able to relate. It’s not always easy and as this movie shows, it’s possible once you open yourself up.

Crocodile Dundee- Not only did these movies launch the short career of Paul Hogan but they made everyone want to be an Aussie. Dundee was the MacGavyer of the outback. While the movies gave a generation of people cliched notions of Australia, they also gave Americans a connection to the country. Like us, Aussies were free spirited pioneers with a love for the wilderness. While its clique and overexaggerated, Australians do share a love for nature and movie only inspired people to head off to the land down under to find their own croc hunter!

Up in the Air- I live in airport world. Maybe not as much as Ryan Bingham, George Clooney’s character but when I went to see this movie, I found myself relating too much to Ryan’s character. Though in some ways it has a happy ending, I found the movie to be a downer. I was depressed for hours afterwards. Because I see myself in Ryan’s lifestyle. He’s a man who feels at home in airports and planes and is constantly on the move. As he says, moving is living. The movie is a much watch for long term traveler as it brings up the sometimes mixed emotion we have about living in constant movement.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Round the World Adventure

My Round the World Adventure

The Weekly Photo: Japan’s Imperial Palace

Posted: 28 Jan 2010 08:58 AM PST

Japan's imperial Palace
The Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Japan

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